Military backpack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

At the time of going camping, to school or carrying a lot of travel things without discomfort, military backpacks offer us a nice system, much more comfortable and simple to better distribute the weight. Products with high-quality textiles, with a good fit in everything you need to carry the weight comfortably and with special pockets for your electronic products or for what you may have to carry. If you are looking for the best, one of your options is the Mil-Tec Military Army military backpack. A product of 36 liters capacity, with ample space and all kinds of compartments to store what you want in a comfortable and pleasant way. An interesting alternative is the Hukoer Macuto Oxford model, which incorporates its camouflage design, with good compartmentalization of the space and an adjusted system to give you better comfort of use.

What is the best military backpack on the market?

Compared to traditional duffel bags, typical of those who made the military, modern military backpacks are high-quality products, ample space, and adequate comfort to carry everything you need without worries. A comfort that you will squeeze to the fullest with the advice of our guide to buying the best military backpack you need, without worries or problems about the available space or how much the model costs.

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Space and compartment capacity

Undoubtedly, one of the advantages of military backpacks compared to other similar products is the available space and its distribution capacity. A large space that we can make the most of by having more pockets, of different types, where you can store from any small product to large-capacity bottles, going through your computer and your electronic equipment, among others.

If we see any comparison of military backpacks, without a doubt, the product capacity is one of the key elements to choose the desired product. This capacity, as always, is measured in liters and within the market, we can find products that range from 20 or 25 liters of capacity in small products to about 50 liters of the capacity of larger models. A variety in which finding the right product for our needs is much easier.

As for the compartments, here the variety is immense. The normal thing is that we find one or two large pockets, with zippers for closing and in which to store everything we need large. We also have smaller spaces, both interior, and exterior, to keep things properly ordered.

Some pockets are padded, to protect your electronic equipment, while others are even presented as “hidden” pockets so that no one finds what you don’t want.

Manufacturing and protection materials

A good and economical military backpack must have adequate materials throughout its structure. These materials must be resistant, as expected regarding military-type products, so that they adequately support the use, rubbing and, of course, adequately protect our belongings while we use it.

The good news is that even in cheap military backpacks the quality of textiles and materials is so high that it is not, with exceptions, an element that may concern you. In any case, it is convenient to verify it, preferably looking for the famous Oxford type fabric, which offers high resistance when it is used and to protect everything you have inside without problems.

This protection, as we have already mentioned, is suitable to avoid damage, friction and so on, but it is also suitable for rain or humidity. However, at this point, it is essential to verify the protection capacity since it is variable. In some cases, an external case for the backpack can be incorporated that improves the protection system against water in cases of extreme rain or similar.

Comfort and fit

Since military backpacks can carry large amounts of weight, it is also necessary to evaluate what are the possibilities that the product offers us when adjusting how this weight falls on our shoulders and back. And above all evaluate what protection elements we have at our disposal precisely to avoid damage when loading this weight.

On the side of comfort, it is necessary to see elements such as the padding of the strips that go over the shoulders, along the back. This padding is key since if we carry a lot of weight, the strips can cause discomfort in these areas. On the back side, the issue is even more serious, since if we do not have a backrest with good padding, the weight falls improperly on the back and, therefore, can also cause damage and discomfort at the time of Bring the military backpack.

As for the adjustment, it is normal for this to be done both on the shoulder straps and on the belt that is placed in the lower back. Both elements allow you to hold the weight with adequate quality and distribution, making the road more comfortable when carrying the backpack. Do not forget to verify that these fastening straps are adjustable so that you can have the necessary comfort at all times.

What is the best military backpack?

If you want to carry everything you need in an organized way, the military backpack offers you enough space to be able to do it accurately and efficiently. Products that have arrived not long ago to the market, but they already have space, never better, thanks to what they facilitate to go on excursions or do whatever you want.

So if you want to know what is the best military backpack of the moment, we present some of the products extracted from our selection of the best military backpacks of 2019, so you know what stands out today in the market.

Recommended Products

Mil-Tec Military Army

Main Advantage:

In short, the strength and design that this backpack provides are the best advantages it offers.

Main Disadvantage:

Adjustment tapes could be considered too long. However, this problem can be solved by trimming them carefully.

Verdict 9.9 / 10

By offering a comfortable design and a good capacity of 36 liters, it can be the best option to pack your belongings in a practical way for your next excursion.


One of the features that can be easily seen in this backpack model is its ergonomics. On the one hand, we can see comfortable shoulder straps, which fit the natural shape of the body to hold firmly. The added reinforcements are also evident, to give greater support to the loading areas and thus avoid breakage.

Of course, we cannot miss the practical distribution of their compartments, which will allow you to store from small objects to those of large proportions. Also, because its main zipper allows you to open three of its four sides, it allows you to easily enter everything you need without much effort.

Another feature that we want to highlight in the model is its adjustment for the waist, which allows greater comfort of carrying the backpack. This detail in the design is usually very useful when you have to walk through places with inclination since it prevents the backpack from hitting your lower back due to movement.


To provide adequate resistance and that you can take this backpack where necessary, regardless of the demands of the situation; It is made with a very resistant PVC cover.

This material tolerates heat and sun exposure well. Also, it also offers a 600 denier polyester structure, which gives it appropriate durability, so you can use it for a long time without having to think about investing in a replacement.

As for its level of impermeability, you will not have to worry that the rain will take you by surprise during your excursion since your belongings will be dry inside since it is a waterproof backpack.


Transporting in this model what you need will not be difficult since with its capacity of 36 liters it can be more than enough. This property is distributed in a very practical way in different sections of greater or lesser size.

Counting on a central of great amplitude that includes a mesh compartment that can keep the interior organized. For those belongings that you will need most frequently, you will be able to make use of its useful easy-to-reach front bags.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the arrangement of your things will not be altered when you travel with it since they will not move. This is because the backpack includes adjustment straps that hold firmly and manage to efficiently avoid this inconvenience, which happens, especially when you carry a few things.

Also, because it has several two-way zippers, it is very convenient to open to recover what you need in a short time.

Hukoer Macuto Oxford

The Hukoer Macuto Oxford military tactical backpack is a typical and traditional model with an outer camouflage and a high-strength outer Oxford fabric, to take it wherever you want. A product that also offers a good ability to defend against rain and moisture.

Inside this military backpack offers different compartments, with two large pockets with two double zippers for easy access, as well as side mesh pockets and two invisible pockets to store the mobile or important things.

A complete product, with a design that makes it easier to carry it for a long time without worries and that for its adjusted price could well be the best military backpack for value for money currently for sale.

When we talk about the synthesis between practicality, resistance, and attractive designs, Hukoer always stands out among the opinions of users and could be considered the best brand of military backpacks in the market. It is also one of the cheapest.


The TOPQSC HWTOP07020000 military backpack is located in the middle area by capacity and dimensions, is recommended if you do not have great demands for space to carry what you need.

A model with a capacity of 28 liters, which has the advantage of extending in thickness and not on the back to give you good comfort when taking it where you need it. This backpack is made of waterproof Oxford type fabric, which protects your belongings even from the rain.

Inside the space has a padded and protected area ideal for carrying your laptop or your electronic elements, along with other internal and external pockets that make it easier to organize everything you have to carry.

This TOPQSC model is one of the most complete. It has enough compartments, different external protection mechanisms, distribution systems, and weight management. In addition, many have described it as the best military backpack for 30 euros.

Vbiger  Green Army

When it comes to cheap military backpacks, sometimes it is capacity that makes the difference. However, the Vbiger B01CCPI91M is a cheap backpack that also maintains a good capacity, encrypted in 35 liters of space.

This space is distributed in a high-capacity main space with a zipper, an outer mesh pocket, an external pocket with a hook and an inner “secret” pocket to store the most sensitive products.

This backpack also improves your sensations, so that you can better adjust the weight on your back and have more comfort, adjusting the tapes and other elements to the weight and your preferences when carrying it.

If you have found it difficult to decide which military backpack to buy, here we leave you the pros and cons of this Vbiger model that according to users is an ergonomic backpack, attractive design, with good protection mechanisms and a good capacity.

Mountaintop WT0078heiseDE

The Mountaintop WT0078heiseDE backpack is one of the widest products on the market, offering a capacity of up to 40 liters capacity with a weight that barely reaches 800 grams.

A space organized in three separate compartments with Molle system and fastening strips so that all your things travel with the security you deserve. A system that is completed with a very nice back adjustment and an adjustable belt that better distributes the weight on the back.

A product made of the usual Oxford 600D fabric, which maintains a good resistance to use, protecting your belongings from moisture and rain, so you do not worry about anything.

When you are looking for strength, comfort, and design, the Mountaintop brand could meet your expectations. That’s why we leave you the pros and cons of one of its models.

Mil-Tec Military Army

The Mil-Tec Military Army military backpack is a high capacity piece, in which you have 36 liters of space to store everything you need inside. A tactical product that incorporates two front pockets, a main zippered area, as well as other spaces to store everything you need.

This model has also been designed to give you the greatest comfort, as corresponds to a model that could be considered the best military backpack of the moment.

For this, it incorporates fasteners that distribute the weight better, with a support at the waist and a very comfortable back. This Molle military backpack is completed with a high-resistance exterior, which supports all your activity without alteration or damage.

If you expect to comfortably store your belongings every time you travel, then we summarize the benefits and disadvantages of a model praised by buyers if you are looking for the best military backpack of the moment.

How to use a military backpack

The military backpacks have reached popularity among the adventurous travelers of the world, being fundamental pieces during the visit to an exotic destination, appropriate for any type of climate and manufactured with materials resistant to the situations that may arise. Thus, they are not only exclusive for military use. If you want to buy one, then we summarize in simple steps how you should make use of these practical backpacks.

Do not exceed the limit of the backpack

To travel to different parts of the world, it is essential that you have a good backpack, made of resistant and high-quality materials that allow you to enjoy your destinations safely. Take into account the weight limit that resists the backpack and do not exceed the storage of clothing, because otherwise it can break or have lower durability than expected.

Select comfortable and light clothes

Due to a large amount of time, you will be on the move knowing new destinations; it is essential that you wear comfortable clothes during the trip. Select light and versatile clothing for different types of weather, especially those that you can fold taking up little space in your backpack.

Store non-perishable food

There may be food service in the place where you will be, but it is recommended that you always carry extra food in your backpack. During expeditions and walks it is not so easy to find a food sale, so store non-perishable and easily opened food in your luggage as well as water bottles to keep you hydrated.

Start packing upside down

According to the advice of experienced hikers, this is the best way to pack. It consists of keeping in the bottom of your backpack those garments that you will not frequently use, avoiding to completely unpack the backpack to locate them.

In the middle part of the backpack, you can store sweaters and shirts leaving at the beginning those garments that you use most frequently as underwear. You can also group clothing items for each day, so you can easily locate them as time goes by during the excursion.

Place the essentials in the outer pockets

In the outer pockets store important items that you will need during the trip such as your documents, passport, tickets, sweets, and a light sweater to cover you. This to avoid unpacking the suitcase in search of such objects whenever necessary.

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