Buy a Fishing Boat

What boat to buy for fishing? There are options for all tastes. In this guide, we give you some tips to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Want Buy a Fishing Boat?

  • Before choosing a boat, you should think about how much time you will spend onboard, if you like fishing alone or in the company and what types of specific fishing accessories  you need.
  • Generally, a good fishing boat must ensure reliability, safety, good navigation with bad weather, protected command post with good visibility, double motorization, etc.
  • It is very likely that you have already tried on-board fishing successfully enough to have the desire to buy a boat or change the one you have for a larger or specific one for deep-sea fishing, for example. In any case, it is my duty to reveal an open secret: neither the size, nor the price, nor the quality of your new ship will influence the number of catches. The knowledge of a fisherman is based on experience and observation, so here we have the first clue to choose our boat: the number of hours we will spend on board.
  • If you are just going to start sailing, it is advisable to be aware of what it means to be on board for many hours, especially considering the weather changes and the distance back to the port according to the ship’s capabilities. When choosing a fishing boat, you should also know that the variety of features is very wide and there are many details that you have to know to choose the boat that best suits the type of fishing you want to practice.

Alone or in the company, big or small

The first thing you should clarify is if fishing is an excuse for you to get together with friends who share your hobby or if it is a personal experience and inner knowledge. In the latter case, a sport fishing kayak can be enough, and you will get rid of inviting more people if you want to fish alone.

Advantages of a small fishing boat:

  • It can be transported by trailer
  • You can navigate in inland waters or at sea (with due limitations)
  • Fuel consumption is low, or it can be electric
  • In 5 meters of length, three people can fish comfortably
  • It is compatible with family navigation
  • You can choose an inflatable boat

If you like to fish in the company, it is not necessary to have a multitude of people on board. With one or two people to accompany you is enough and in that case, a small boat of just over 5 meters in length and outboard motor can be a good option. A small boat can be transported by road in a trailer, and this offers two great advantages: you can use it both in indoor and open water and keep it dry or in a garage, something that represents savings in terms of maintenance and durability. In small lengths, it is possible to consider the electric motorization that in some European countries is already mandatory in inland waters.

Center console

In general, center console models fit very well in sport fishing. They are very stable in navigation, and some designs also consider drifting or anchored low-speed stability. The market presents many options in this segment, and you can find new or used boats for a very reasonable price. Also, the boats of less than 5 meters and with the stern controls are usually a good option to start fishing and give the boat a more familiar use to convert the bow into a solarium.


If you intend to practice fishing at a reasonable time, without spending all day on board, you can consider the option of an inflatable boat. This type of vessel exceeds the requirements of agility, safety, portability, etc. There are many semi-rigid models whose hull design is highly efficient in navigation and very stable with the boat stopped. The only drawback could be that the tires have less interior space. It is therefore advisable to choose one that has a small ring, T-top, or something that protects us from the sun.

Controlling expenses

If we increase in length and go to 6 or 8 meters, we will hardly notice an increase in spending, although this depends directly on the motorization and in 8 meters it is possible to find powerful engines in which the fuel consumption begins to be considerable. In addition, in these lengths, we can find boats with the internal motor, with cabin and benefits that mean a great change in our fishermen’s life. 

Dedicated fisherman, appropriate boat

Apart from the most basic aspects just mentioned, the decision to find a boat with specific characteristics for fishing is a declaration of intent, something that determines a relationship with recreational nautical, even sports.

What should we look for in a fishing boat of up to 10 meters in length?

1.    Reliability

The reliability of a boat is what will allow you to expand your fishing horizons, especially after you have improved your theoretical knowledge and have put them into practice little by little. You can reply on one of the traditional brands in the sport fishing segment but it is always good to look at alternatives and compare. The moment of stepping on deck is key to notice the solidity of the construction of a ship and its stability, as well as when sailing when cutting the wave, when planning.

2.    Marine qualities

When you get to know farther fishing grounds, when you will have to face more difficult weather conditions and return to the port, you will need to test the marine qualities of your ship. In any fishing boat, these qualities are much more important than luxury and aesthetics. It can be a monohull, with an elevated bow that favors dry navigation, with a deep ‘V’ in its beginning that opens towards the antique and in the stern favoring planing and stability conditions with the boat stopped.

It can also be a catamaran, much more stable in anchoring and with excellent maneuverability; In addition, catamarans have a greater useful surface area on deck. Currently, motor catamarans have evolved greatly in terms of design and performance, achieving more stability, lower consumption, and a high degree of comfort inside. The only disadvantage of a catamaran may be the price of the mooring that will be higher when occupying more surface than a monohull.

3.    Security

As for safety, beyond what is expected by regulations, you should consider the behavior of the boat during fishing. A little swell can greatly change the behavior of a ship, either anchored or stopped and compromise safety. You should also consider the ergonomics and the way you want or usually move around the deck, the safety of a handrail to your needs or the width of the side aisles that communicate bow and stern. Of course, the height of the arm is related to the height of the fisherman when collecting a catch, and even more so if the boat does not have a side or stern gate, or a bathing platform.

4.    Command post

The command post must have two basic conditions: good visibility and a minimum of protection, through a windshield. To be even more protected, you can also consider buying a cabin boat. Both in the case of fishing days, and overnight on board, the command post must offer you good exterior visibility, but also of the instrumental panel, of the navigation elements.

You should also think if the command post has enough space for the specific fishing equipment that you want to take on board, such as an echo sounder that gives you information about the environment (depth, temperature, type of bottom, and also the presence of banks of fishes). It is also important that from the command post you have direct vision of the bathtub so that the skipper can correctly orient the boat as the fisherman asks you at the time of capture or “combat”, as the fishermen call their fight with the dam.

5.    Motorization

The motorization of a fishing boat, apart from being recommended according to the type of boat, must be particularly reliable. Preferably, it should have a double engine and a good fuel tank. It is also important to pay attention to the filtering and maintenance of the filters. In a small boat, with a single-engine, it would not be enough to think of an auxiliary engine that could be an outboard.

6.    Specific items

Once you have clear the previous points, you can think about specific accessories for fishing. It is important to have space to store the different fishing gear, equipment, flake, scalable, etc. so that they are available when you are browsing and need them. As for the specific elements, there will be as many preferences as fishermen, but we will simply learn and find our own order and the different fishing modes that we enjoy most.

High fishing

Deep-sea fishing has entered your life. Taking a good nap or overnight on the boat is no longer enough, or you may have tasted the sensation of the sea breeze from a flybridge, and it tastes different. When you exceed 10 meters in length, it seems that the horizon is closer. The jump from the towable boat to a larger ship that needs a mooring does not have to be a vacuum jump. It is assumed that at this point you already have the experience of your previous boats, or at least you have sailed a lot with friends or rented boats and have good professional advice.

Aspects to consider when buying a boat equipped for deep-sea fishing:

  • The expenses of a ship of this size: VAT, registration tax, insurance, mooring.
  • Particularities of deep-sea fishing: tangents, combat chair, bait nursery, bait cooler and catches.
  • Life on board: larger size, plus extras: instruments, electrical circuit, water circuit, generator, refrigerator, air conditioning, etc.

Within the expenses of a larger ship, it is important to consider the assistance of a professional who is responsible for reviewing both the legal and the structural part (motorization, equipment, etc.). In investment of this type, it is not enough to take all possible precautions.

Depending on the length, the peculiarities of deep-sea fishing can result in an extensive list. The bathtub will be a keyspace, as well as the choice of the combat chair or the type of tangles according to the number of lines used at the same time. The view from the flybridge extends to the horizon in search of signs of a school. In this case you can consider a boat with ‘tuna tower’ and thus add a third command post, or even a fourth if you consider that it is possible to install in the bathtub engine controls or a joystick, to be in direct contact with the person who It is fighting and preventing the fish from carrying the line below the boat and cutting.

At this point, it is clear that you have gone from napping in a cove to true life on board, with a cabin that offers you the same comforts as the room in your house, but better views. And you will also be aware that, at a certain moment, life onboard may require you to have the skills of an electrician, plumber or mechanic, because at sea you have to be prepared for everything.