75th Birthday

75th Birthday Sayings – Text templates for the 75th birthday

Sayings for the 75th birthday have a particular special status among birthday sayings. Because the 75th year of life is an extraordinary age that not everyone reaches. It is all the more important to appreciate this event in life and to choose sayings that fit as well as possible for the birthday child. And his past and life experience.

75th Birthday

On this page, we have put together some of your sayings for your 75th birthday. These are congratulations on your 75th birthday, which can be written, for example, on a card or sent by email.

Our best sayings for our 75th birthday

Instead of a lot of text, you will find our best sayings for our 75th birthday in the first place. Save yourself the hassle of searching and see our best and funniest birthday sayings for the 75th instead.

75 years, oh you fright,

the youth and the paintwork are gone.

Crack bones, squeeze muscles,

sometimes you have it with your back.

Birthday sayings for the 75th with humored highs and lows,

were always there when we called you.

Because you should know one thing,

stay loyal to us. Otherwise, we are stuck.

We wish you luck from the bottom of your heart,

you are and will remain the best piece.

We hope that you are fit and firm,

stay our best for a long time,

no crow’s feet, furrows, wrinkles,

you are not yet one of our old ones.

Still so perfect at 75 years of age,

that cries out for champagne.

We wish you all the best for your birthday,

and remember: always forward – never back!

Author unknown

Say thank you with a birthday saying

Dear birthday child …!

Seventy-five years are over. Not everyone was carefree; you have done a lot of work and never just thought of yourself.

You can look back on 75 years, on joy and sorrow, on some happiness.

And today we want to tell you it’s good that we have you.

Author unknown

We all know what we have in you, but

Birthday sayings for the 75th – say thank you that would we be without you, even if we don’t always mean it.

don’t forget we need you

Author unknown

The world always needs, today and tomorrow,

the loyal hearts that care.

It needs a helpful, right hand,

it requires a lot of love and understanding.

She needs, who wouldn’t admit it,

more people who are like YOU!

Author unknown

Neutral birthday sayings for the 75th

Health adorns your days,

satisfaction accompanies you,

Birthday sayings for the 75th – neutral your life flows without complaint

in the most beautiful harmony.

Author unknown

Health and satisfaction, in

addition to everything else that you enjoy,

long life on top of it,

everything should be given to you.

Author unknown

Moons and years pass

and are always gone,

but a beautiful moment

shines through life.

Franz Grillparzer

Everyone satisfied

extends his existence period.

The joy of the past

doubles the lifespan.


Extra tip: Sometimes, it is the case that one or the other of the 75th birthday sayings in the beginning, but do not want to use every line. Simply leave out what you do not like or put together a suitable one from two senses. It doesn’t always have to be a four-liner.

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What constitutes congratulations on your seventy-fifth birthday

We hope you enjoyed our 75th birthday, sayings. It would also be a pleasure for us if one of our birthday sayings for the 75th suits you so that you write it on your birthday card for the 75th birthday. If you are still missing the right words or if you are looking for funny sayings for your 75th birthday, then take a look at our funny sayings for your birthday, where you will find humorous texts for the 75th birthday card.

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